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My name is Kenneth Olsen, since a young age I've been interested in computers and programming. During my teen years I taught myself some Qbasic and Visual Basic programming on Microsoft's Dos and Windows platforms. In mid 2008 I made the switch to Mac®. Shortly there after I began learning about programming for Apple products. I also purchased an iPhone®. At the same time I got Apple's iPhone SDK and purchased a few books on iPhone programming, a few months later I was able to get my first app (Mobile Break) on the App Store. Pleased with that small success I began work on my second app, Astro Mania. My thrid and fourth apps are US States Quiz, and US States Quiz for iPad.

Chris Williams comes to OlsenApps with over 10 years of industry experience in the information technology feild. Chris has a understanding of Mobile Application Accessibility & Marketing. Chris has focused his studies on the use of social networking for business. Chris provides OlsenApps with wide range of skills from marketing to film and sound editing for some of our apps.

We currenly have several more apps in the works.

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