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Astro Mania 2.0.1 is now avaliable on the App Store!
Astro Mania 2.0.1 includes: Improved graphics and performance, optional background music, and is universal for all iOS Devices.

Defend your corner of the galaxy from invading flying saucers in Astro Mania. When game play begins you have a fleet of three ships, the one currently in play and two in reserve. Navigate your ship under attacking saucers by tilting your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Tap the fire button in the lower right corner of your screen to fire your laser weapon at the attacking saucers. Don’t forget to watch out for bombs dropped by the saucers, if one hits your ship it will explode.

Each round of Astro Mania consists of six waves of flying saucers followed by a wave of falling red dice. Each wave of saucers has a different motion pattern. Some saucers will pass by at the top of the screen and some will come down to get you. If a flying saucer collides with your ship, your ship will explode. Be especially careful of those red dice, they come straight down at you in random formation. After successfully destroying all objects in all seven waves your not out of the woods yet, they will all be back after you again, and again, and again…until they get you!

Any saucer that goes off the right side of the screen will be back to get you from the left, any saucer that goes off the left side of the screen will be back from the right, and if a saucer passes you and goes off the bottom it will be back from the top!

Reserve Ships:
Each time you earn 10,000 points you’ll get an additional ship added to your fleet, up to a maximum of four.

The Energy Bar:
Be sure to check your energy bar from time to time, if it runs out your ship will explode. After you have destroyed all saucers in a wave any remaining energy will earn you bonus points. Once bonus points are calculated the energy bar will recharge just before the next wave begins.

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